Do you want to free yourself from the difficult task of managing your investments, or from inept, high-cost "professional" management?

Do you need more low-risk growth and income than you can get from savings vehicles that pay almost nothing?

Do you want to protect the purchasing power of your hard-earned wealth?

If so, Retirement Wealth Management will help you. We specialize in the investment needs of people who are in or near retirement. Our mission is to strengthen your financial security by generating low-risk, long-term growth (with income as needed) while safeguarding your capital during tough periods. Proactive vigilance is essential during changing times.

As a registered investment advisor, we are legally and ethically obligated to do what's right by our clients. Brokers and other financial salespeople have no such obligation.

Unlike most investment advisors, our primary goal is to manage our current clients' assets prudently instead of spending most of our time prospecting for new clients.

What's more, as a fee-only advisor, we can act for your best interests at all times because we are completely independent and receive no other financial benefit of any kind.

The events of recent years prove that it's more important than ever to avoid serious damage to your retirement security from poor investment results, conflicts of interest and high expenses. Now is the time to secure your family's financial safety.

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Philip A. Springer
Retirement Wealth Management, Inc.